Funding Support

In the last couple of years, while funding to the industry has grown significantly, Small & Medium MFIs continue to face challenges in accessing funds (both debt and equity). In this context, MFIN has established a Task Force on Small & Medium MFIs to addresses their challenges.

Investors and Lenders are an essential part of our ecosystem and MFIN has been continuously taking several steps to build investors’ confidence within the sector and facilitate equity investment for MFIs, both Debt & Equity. MFIN organises Investors and Lenders Meet, engages with lead analysts to share an overview and growth prospects of the sector. MFIN has been aiding in the securitization of pool for small and medium Members and is creating a consortium of large lenders who will support funding the smaller MFIs.

To support the Small & Medium MFIs, MFIN, through its advocacy efforts has been engaging constantly with RBI & NABARD for extending liquidity under the additional Special Liquidity Facility (SLF).

Lenders and Investors Meet

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