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The various categories of financial institutions engaged in the microfinance space in India include NBFC-MFIs, Banks, Small Finance Banks (SFBs), NBFCs and Others (including Non-profit MFIs).

As on 30 September 2022, 13 Banks hold the largest share of portfolio in micro credit with total loan outstanding of Rs 1,13,565 Cr, which is 37.7% of the total micro-credit universe. NBFC-MFIs are the second largest provider of microcredit with a loan amount outstanding of Rs 1,10,418 Cr, accounting for 36.7% to total industry portfolio. SFBs have a total loan amount outstanding of Rs 50,029 Cr with a total share of 16.6%. NBFCs account for another 7.9% and Other MFIs account for 1.1% of the universe.

Apart from MFIs, NABARD SHG Bank Linkage Programme (SBLP) also contributes significantly to the microfinance universe. As on 31 March 2022, around 67.4 lakhs SHGs had an outstanding portfolio of Rs 1,51,051 Cr with them.

Considering SBLP’s outreach and CAGR of around 16.4% since Mar’16, the overall size of the universe in terms of GLP as on 30 September 2022 is roughly Rs 5,03,195 Cr.

30 September 2022

Types of Entity No of Entities Unique Borrowers (Cr) Active Loan Accounts (Cr) Portfolio O/s (Cr)
NBFC - MFIs 85 2.6 3.8 82,749
Banks 13 2.8 4.0 1,01,209
SFB 8 1.4 1.7 40,534
NBFC 56 0.7 0.8 16,694
Others 32 0.1 0.1 2,552
Total 194 5.65 10.5 2,43,737


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