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MFIN Members comprise the Non-Banking Financial Institutions falling under the category of Microfinance Institutions, hence referred to as NBFC-MFIs. While each NBFC-MFI is a unique entrepreneurial venture, collectively they form a highly regulated sector providing micro-credit to 99% women from low income households predominantly in the rural India. They stand together in the pursuit of common goals of responsible lending and customer protection. Though in different phases of their lifecycle as small, medium or large MFIs, collectively they reach 4 crore women of India, bringing a large unserved population within the folds of financial inclusion.

Operating across the length and breadth of the country, MFIN member institutions have an outreach in 28 States and 7 UTs. MFIN has 51 primary members as on December 2023.

MFIN Members’ Operation Overview 2023

₹ 1,41,980 Cr


₹ 74.6 Lakhs

Loan Disbursed (during the quarter)

4.9 Cr

Loan Accounts





(31 December 2023)

Services Offered

Third-party Financial Products
Financial Literacy


NBFC-MFIs generally follow the joint liability group (JLG) model of microfinance which is provision of loans to a group of five to seven women from the economically weaker sections of society, living in rural, semi-urban or urban slums. The Model has proved to be viable and sustainable for the institutions as well as the borrowers.

Highly customer centric, the NBFC-MFIs have established simple and efficient processes, transparent pricing structures and diversified loan products for the customers, the most common being income generating loans. As they branch out to more states and districts, each MFI strives to ensure that its branches are conveniently located and easily accessible for customers. The trained field staff drives the objectives of the organization on the ground, ensuring a constant engagement with the customer and providing the much-needed comfort to them.

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Membership Advantages

Membership to MFIN allows an NBFC-MFI the opportunity to shape and influence the discourse and practice of microfinance and financial inclusion in solidarity with industry players.

Access to an extensive Members’ network and the opportunity to leverage from common experiences and learnings from peers.
MFIN Members have dedicated Login Credentials allowing them complete access to MFIN’s Data Publications to get a consolidated overview.
Get sector’s operational roadblocks addressed through Policy Advocacy with the regulator and other stakeholders.
The support of MFIN’s Self-Regulatory team in helping you adhere to regulatory and industry standards & frameworks with special focus on customer protection and responsible lending. Receive important Advisories, Directives, Guidance Notes and play a role in strengthening the industry’s ecosystem of the credit bureau, employee bureau.
Involvement in the exhaustive network of 13 MFIN State Chapters and 350 District Forums to deal with the on-field challenges. Regular updates about the challenges on field and interventions undertaken in States and Districts across the nation.
Improve decision making through data analytics provided by MFIN Publications on State and District fronts.
Training and development through workshops and webinars organized by MFIN. Benefit from the training & awareness material developed by MFIN in multiple languages for customer awareness, credit behaviour, field officers, or employees of microfinance institutions.
Be part of a sector recognized by the media and other external stakeholders for its role in furthering financial inclusion.
Partner with MFIN in examining new ideas and solutions and implement projects meant for promoting the microfinance industry and furthering the contribution to financial inclusion.
Be it catastrophes or unprecedented events, manage crisis better with support from MFIN.
Leverage MFIN’s platforms for interaction with lenders and investors to manage funding needs. Enhanced support to Small and Medium MFIs.

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