MFIN operates out of its office in Gurugram, Haryana.

The Association has built an extremely strong network pan India, across various states and UTs, through 13 State Chapters and over 350 District Forums. These State Chapters and District Forums have a keen involvement of the Member MFIs of the State. It is through these platforms that MFIN is effectively able to address each region’s challenges and plan interventions as and when needed. This local advantage also allows MFIN to swiftly mobilize support in case of an unprecedented crisis.

Each State Chapter has its Coordination Committee Members who facilitate the smooth functioning of the chapter. Similarly, each district forum has a lead MFI, responsible for district level coordination among member MFIs. MFIN’s regional representative closely works with the State Coordination Committee and the District Lead Coordinators.

Besides covering 28 states & 8 UTs and 729 districts through this network, MFIN also engages with a diverse set of external stakeholders at the regional, state, district level ranging from Regulators, Financial Organizations, Law Makers, Bureaucracy, Administration, Inter Institutional Formal structures, among others to create a positive understanding of the mission, objective, implementation and impact of microfinance.

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Through various platforms, MFIN is effectively able to reach pan India, addressing each region’s challenges and planning interventions.

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