A Decade of a Journey

Ten years is not a long time! But if one delves deeper into history to discover what the decade truly meant for an industry that prides itself in providing credit to an unserved population, that too collateral free, at their doorstep, ten years feel like a life-time!!

A coming together of like-minded people in 2009, saw the industry take fledging steps towards providing formal, for-profit credit to borrowers while adopting voluntary codes of conduct to protect their interests. Learning lessons the hard way right at the onset of the journey, the industry voluntarily strove towards a greater focus on ‘self-regulation’. As the industry evolved, from it branched out, universal banks, small finance banks and business correspondents – with the borrower now having greater ease and greater access to credit in any part of the country. Not to say, there were no challenges! But the sector faced each of them and exists today as an industry that prides itself on being able to reach the grassroots of India and fulfil the dreams of millions of women and their households.

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A remarkable journey of MFIN’s ten years; a tale of people who delivered,
MFIN’s initiatives, developments, and achievements.

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