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MFIN launched its Associate Programme in January 2014 with the objective of being more inclusive and taking into consideration the many entities, apart from NBFC-MFIs, who offer financial or supporting services to the Microfinance sector. As they have a lasting bearing on the financial inclusion dialogue, MFIN introduced this new category called ‘Associates’ to include lending institutions like Banks, Small Finance Banks, Banking Correspondents and NBFCs. Associates also includes a diverse set of organisations like Rating Agencies, Credit Bureaus, Housing Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Fintech, Payment Banks, Private Equity Social Investors, Bilateral and Multi-Lateral Agencies, Think Tanks & Foundations, among others.

MFIN believes that all such entities along with its primary members can work together by participating in across MFIN forums particularly the state and district levels and thus achieve the larger goal of financial inclusion.

MFIN has 46 Associates as of May 2023.

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Membership Advantages

The Associates Programme was institutionalised on the premise that MFIN and the Associates share a symbiotic relationship wherein they come together to work on certain policies and products that are beneficial to the sector. Some of the benefits of the programme are.

Access to an extensive Members’ network and the opportunity to leverage from common experiences and learnings from peers.
MFIN Members have dedicated Login Credentials allowing them complete access to MFIN’s Data Publications to get a consolidated overview.
Get sector’s operational roadblocks addressed through Policy Advocacy with the regulator and other stakeholders.
The support of MFIN’s Self-Regulatory team in helping you adhere to regulatory and industry standards & frameworks with special focus on customer protection and responsible lending. Receive important Advisories, Directives, Guidance Notes and play a role in strengthening the industry’s ecosystem of the credit bureau, employee bureau.
Involvement in the exhaustive network of 13 MFIN State Chapters and 350 District Forums to deal with the on-field challenges. Regular updates about the challenges on field and interventions undertaken in States and Districts across the nation.
Improve decision making through data analytics provided by MFIN Publications on State and District fronts.
Training and development through workshops and webinars organized by MFIN. Benefit from the training & awareness material developed by MFIN in multiple languages for customer awareness, credit behaviour, field officers, or employees of microfinance institutions.
Be part of a sector recognized by the media and other external stakeholders for its role in furthering financial inclusion.
Partner with MFIN in examining new ideas and solutions and implement projects meant for promoting the microfinance industry and furthering the contribution to financial inclusion.
Be it catastrophes or unprecedented events, manage crisis better with support from MFIN.
Leverage MFIN’s platforms for interaction with lenders and investors to manage funding needs. Enhanced support to Small and Medium MFIs.

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