MFIN Team drives key policy changes, builds a positive sector perception, undertakes data analytics and ensures adherence of microfinance providers to industry standards. With over 96 Members under its umbrella, MFIN, led by the Association CEO and governed by a strong Board, developed this energetic team comprising subject experts, carefully handpicked for knowledge and expertise in their respective domain.

Working across the key verticals of Advocacy and Development, SRO, State Initiatives and Communications, this team is a mix of highly dedicated and passionate people comprising data experts, fintech doyens, policy advocacy professional, local field experts, customer grievance teams, and regulatory experts, who leave no stone unturned to meet the requirements of the sector. The team is equally sensitive to the end customer - the BOP borrower whom the sector serves.

It is this experienced and professional team that engages with the multiple stakeholders of the industry including regulators, financial institutions, credit bureau, central and state administration, media, analysts, and several others, building a responsive ecosystem for the providers to operate in.

This team is backed by equally proficient support function staff, trying to increase efficiencies and streamline working.

Our People

Dr. Alok Misra

CEO & Director - MFIN

CEO’s Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Microfinance Industry Network, the association for Microfinance in India and a Reserve Bank of India recognized Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO).
Year 2019 saw MFIN complete 10 years of its journey in shaping the sector through its work. Today it is matter of pride that the microfinance movement reaches 70 million customers across 729 districts of India – playing a crucial role in building an Inclusive India. With an outstanding portfolio of Rs 3,503 billion, the sector has become an integral part of India’s financial sector and its role in fostering entrepreneurship, financial capabilities as well as social empowerment is well documented. It is a matter of pride that the Indian microfinance sector is on top globally in terms of regulation and operational efficiency.
MFIN’s work is organized across three verticals or thematic areas – a) Policy Advocacy and Knowledge Management b) State Initiatives and c) SRO, with Communications supporting across themes. The data published by MFIN is the best in class in granularity and scope, State Initiatives ground level reach through district forum is exemplary and SRO has played a key role in adopting best practices in grievance redress, client relationship and governance.

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