On an entrepreneurial journey, with support from Microfinance

‘Age is just a number’ proves Kanyawati Devi, who started her micro-entrepreneurial journey at the age of 42.

Bareilly is a major center for furniture manufacturing and trade in cereal, cotton and sugar and in dairy farming business. This is an inspiring story of Kanyawati Devi, 48-year-old woman who has been associated with Satin Creditcare for almost six years. After being associated with Satin, she has not only worked for her family benefits but has also played a greater role in providing job opportunities and contributing towards the dairy business of Uttar Pradesh.

Kanyawati Devi lives in Majhauwa Gangapur colony on the outskirts of Bareilly with her husband and seven children. With just her husband being the sole earning member, it became difficult for them to meet the basic requirements of their family. Kanyawati decided to start her own dairy business to supplement the household income. She came to know about Satin Creditcare Network and after understanding the process and repayment details she took a microfinance loan of INR 15,000 in 2012.

She started selling milk to 2-3 clients and over the period as her clientele increased, she repaid her loan within two years. With her second loan, she expanded her dairy business further and hired people to help her with the business. Today, she has an average sales of INR Rs 45,000 and is able to fulfill not just basic necessities of her family but is also provide good education to her children.

When Satin Creditcare team approached her to congratulate and to boost her morale, all she said, “I am highly thankful to Satin to let me be part of such of big family and excited to venture into my own micro entrepreneurial journey”. A housewife who was looking after seven kids and managing household chores had never dreamt of working and contributing towards the financial needs of the family. Her kids are now availing formal education in public schools. She has provided job opportunities to women who were in equal need to boost their morale financially.

With Satin, Kanyawati Devi has seen her family grow from where they began to today own her own house with seven rooms and ample space for her dairy farming business.