Nurturing Entrepreneurship through Microfinance

Smt. Maheshwari Thakur is a small entrepreneur who has developed her business in a very short time. She now owns a shop in Tarud village in Balod where she deals with daily needs, coffee, paper, stationary etc.For her, it is not just a business but a ray of hope. The income earned from this source has now become a major income source for her household.Sri Bodhan Singh, her husband was always encouraging her to be an entrepreneur.She joined hands with Spandana in the year 2012 when Spandana had opened a branch in Balod.Prior to 2012, her family’s only source of income was agriculture wherein they used to get income once in 6 months. The annual income of her family was below Rs.60000/- p.a. But after Spandana started its operation in Balod, she got trained from Spandana and understood the importance of regular income.  With courage, she took her first loan of Rs.14000/- from Spandana and gradually increased to Rs.15000/- and then Rs.28000/-.She had repaid all the loans timely and also earned respect in the society.Annual income of her family has now increased to more than Rs.1 lac p.a.Her children are studying in a good school.The couple is happy as they both are able to generate income for their family.She proved the age old proverb, where there is a will, there is a way.