Life in Full Bloom

For 35-year-old Anita Ahirwar, life is in full bloom. In 2004, she and her husband turned their attention to flower farming business and took acres of land on rent in Nagpur. She has 10 years of association with ESAF. She is currently in the loan cycle of an Income Generation Loan for Rs. 40,000 which she used to invest in her business. In the past too she has invested more than INR 200 thousand in her flower farming business. She cultivates Marigold, Gerbera and Aster flowers and sells them to wholesale and retail dealers. Anita says, “Joining ESAF has had a major impact on my life as the initial loan of INR 20,000 helped me pay my deposit while taking 1-acre land on rental basis.”

She earns a net profit of Rs. 100,000 to 150,000 per year from the business. She is setting aside money from her profits to buyland and build a house of their own.” “I am glad my children are going to good school and I am able to take care of their major needs. My gratitude to ESAF for a good life that we are enjoying” says Anita.