Increasing Capabilities through Microfinance

Aruni Yadav is a resident of Nadigaon in Chhattisgarh. “My husband and I are into a business of making disposable paper plates which are in high demand in Nadigaon and nearby market. We used to make plates manually which would take a lot of time and manpower resulting in low production rate. We were lagging because of our slow production in the market in comparison to other vendors who were already using machines for making disposable plates. Fear of losing our business was a matter of concern. On my husband’s advice, I applied for a loan from Fusion Microfinance and purchased good quality machines. Addition of machines helped speed up the production, saved our time, increased the income and filled us with excitement to do the same work in a different manner. I want to thank Fusion for its support and letting me fulfil my dream of providing a secure future to my children.”