Financial Independence through Microfinance

Hansaben is a resident of Zala na Muvada village in Gujarat. Hansaben Tikabhai Zala conveyed that Fincare Small Finance bank played a very important role in her individual economic growth. “In year 2011, I got loan of INR 12000/- from Fincare Small Finance Bank with which I bought one cow. In the years of 2013, 2015, 2017 I got into the three-cycle group because of my good credit record.”

In 2017 when her 4th loan cycle was completed she was again willing to avail loans as she wanted to continue her relationship with Fincare. Since her annual income was more than 1 lakh per annum, as per credit policy she could not be granted with group loans. Fincare had initiated individual loans for the clients who had a good credit history. With Hansaben’s good credit history it was convenient to avail individual loan.

Today, she has eight cattle and her annual income is INR 5 lakh rupees. She said, “My growth is due to Fincare Bank. My income has increased and is continuously increasing. Taking a loan from Fincare Bank is like taking help from my own family, it is hassle free and they have respect for my needs”.