Facing Challenges Head-on - with Microfinance Support

Hashmi Begum, a resident of Nihalpur - Allahabad District, Uttar Pradesh is a separated single mother of four daughters and four sons. She recollects her struggle before being associated with Margdarshak which helped her to resiliently get back on her feet with dignity and respect.

“My name is Hashmi Begum. I am a mother of four daughters and four sons. I live in Nihalpur Allahabad District. I am a master tailor and I have set up my workstation here at my home itself. I faced many difficulties in my life after my husband left me to re-marry. Managing the children and household slowly became a frighteningly huge responsibility. I used to sew a little before, but my business wasn’t really known to people. Having just one machine to sew alone wasn’t enough to progress and make a living out of it. The pressure was starting to get to me. I got intrigued when I came to know about Margdarshak that it was a financial institution that gives away loans. I wasn’t even aware then that such a medium of borrowing even existed otherwise I would’ve taken a loan way before. I took a loan of INR 15,000 to invest the money in my business. I bought a new machine. My business grew. I repaid my first loan and then took another loan from Margdarshak of INR 30,000. This motivated me to buy two additional machines and hire two women to work with for me. I trained both, even tutored a few others and I slowly started to grasp this kind of working lifestyle. I was able to provide for my children, pay for their education and successfully got two daughters married. Now, I duly acknowledge and thank Margdarshak for the support I got in a very crucial stage of my life.”