Carving out Success

Manas Ranjan Sundarai, lost his legs and zest for life to polio at the age of six. Since then Manas has been mostly dependent on his father, a daily a wage labourer to take care of his needs. More than the financial hit that the family has had to take because of Manas’s disability it was the emotional turmoil that the family underwent which was difficult to handle. Taunts of being useless and a burden on the father only made matters worse for Manas.

A childhood and most of the youth spent in idle boredom and listlessness, it was only in the year 2013 that Manas saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He joined Annapurna Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. and procured a loan of Rs. 30,000 under the special category. Manas started a business of carving idols. His father helped him in delivering the finished idols to the clients. With a second loan of Rs. 45,000, Manas has also started another venture of making and delivering cover slab for sewers. Manas has a flourishing business and has employed four boys, two among them polio affected of his village to help him in his work.

“I am thankful to Annapurna to have given me a loan. It is not often that a profitable entity gives a loan to a person with disability, a risky client in the eyes of other players”. I now have a standing in the society and am financially and emotionally secure.” .” The poignant moment is when his father beaming with pride says with all finality, “My son is as able.”