A Constant Source of Income and a Better Life

Mrs. Valli of Arasanatham Village, Valappadi, Salem in Tamil Nadu was living a tough life with her husband and five children. Prior to her association with SaGgraha, their family was sustaining on the meagre income they could get doing Agri related work on at a farm. They used to get INR 100 per day, which was inefficient to raise a family of seven. They were unable to afford education for their children as well.

Mrs Valli wanted this to change and decided to take a step ahead to make a difference in the living condition of the family. That is when she enquired about the sources of credit that she could approach, from the other members of the village and contacted SagGraha for a loan application. She started her business with a loan amount of INR 30,000.

Story Focus

Mrs. Valli took a step towards changing her own life and had full support from her husband and other members of the society. Her decision of associating with SagGraha was an influence from the difference that she had observed in the lives of others. She wanted hers to change as well and SagGraha gave her as much support as possible. After she became a part of a JLG, the loan process was explained to her by the loan officer verbally as well as through a video training. She had never found the process of taking loan this convenient.

Mrs. Valli and her husband made intelligent use of the credit by opening a small shop in the village. Now they have a consistent source of income and they manage to earn an average profit of Rs 300 every day. This income had made their lives better. They are not only making ends meet but are also sending their kids to school.