State Initiatives

State Initiatives

The MFIN State Initiative team has its presence in all the states either through state coordination committees that have been set up with MFIN members or through affiliated state associations. Presently, MFIN State Initiative covers 25 states through 13 state chapters and 411 district forums. State Initiative engages with three state associations that are affiliated to MFIN to cover two more states in the southern region and one in the northern region.

The team has created collective platforms at the state and district level by setting up and operationalizing state chapters and district forums. These platforms have played a significant role in strengthening the understanding of stakeholders at a local level in the role that NBFC-MFIs play in promoting universal financial inclusion. During the year, this initiative has brought greater coordination among members in their field operations. This has enabled in creating a receptive environment in the field to enable member institutions to operate and carry on their mission and vision.


The State Initiatives team is also responsible for gathering ground level intelligence and trends and flagging the same with the concerned member MFIs operating in the concerned region.