Communication and Marketing

Communication and Marketing


MFIN’s communication and marketing strategy has focused primarily on building a positive perspective around the sector by engaging proactively with external stakeholders. This has included visioning and positioning efforts with relevant stakeholders and establishing MFIN as a knowledge center.

MFIN has systematically over the past one year engaged with the media at the national, state and district level to build a positive and informed perception about the industry. In this context, MFIN organized a series of state and district level meetings including in Mumbai, Maharashtra; Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh; Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Patna, Bihar and in Rudrapur in Uttaranchal. This has resulted in the vernacular press publishing articles about the positive role that the sector is playing in providing access to finance to the vulnerable low income populations. At a national level, MFIN has been engaging with leading financial dailies as a source of information and opinion on varied industry issues. In addition to this, the vertical supports the State Initiatives team in addressing perception issues faced by MFIs in the field. The enhanced visibility of MFIN has resulted in the organization participating in various plenaries and forums across the country.

In a bid to strengthen MFIN’s position as a knowledge center about the sector, MFIN has been interacting with networks such as SAMN, SEEP Network and Banking with the Poor. Under the SAMN platform, MFIN successfully conducted the South Asian Conclave on Financial Inclusion in New Delhi on the 8th and 9th of March 2016. MFIN also engaged with the SEEP Network on building a National Level Framework on Disaster Preparedness targeting the financial institutions in India including the NBFC-MFIs. MFIN regularly provides empirical data to the Banking with the Poor and SAMN for their periodic assessments about the country level industry growth.

MFIN is committed in engaging with different stakeholders and as part of its Associateship programme has brought into its fold diverse players such as banks, NBFCs, insurance companies, think tanks and business correspondents. For more details, please refer to the section on Associateship.

To stay relevant in the public eye, MFIN has been building on various communication collaterals. MFIN released the Documentary “Including the Excluded: Powering Responsible Finance” at the SAMN Conclave on the 8th of March 2016. It also released the publication “Pathways to Financial Inclusion in South Asia: the role of Microfinance” at the SAMN Conference. Other publications included the revised Code of Conduct for the industry, the corporate dossier and the brochure on self-regulation.