Industry Data & Analytics

MFIN has been working towards structuring a comprehensive microfinance industry Information Hub with the objective of supporting policy formulation/dialogue and guiding industry practices. The successful implementation of the data hub will enable :

  • Convergence of existing data points and creation of a MFIN Information Hub
  • Rationalize and harmonize the data-sets to improve data quality and quantity
  • Improve efficiency to reduce members’ burden with respect to data reporting

MFIN has a robust data collection and analytics capability. Based on this, it brings out two publications, one on a quarterly basis and the other annually. The MicroMeter provides a quarterly trend of key operational and financial indices for the industry at a pan India and state level. The MicroScape, based on audited financials of members, provides a comprehensive analysis for full range of operational, financial and funding related data. A web based platform, Micrometrics is being developed for members for data reporting.

MFIN has partnered with MIX Market and Microfinance Transparency (MFT) to leverage on their expertise and existing systems and processes to collect and analyze data. These partnerships will allow MFIN complete access to members’ operational, financial and social performance, as well as the product pricing data.

Research Studies

In addition to conducting in-house research that produces comprehensive periodic industry reports, MFIN also funds several independent surveys and reports that are intended to identify trends and provide independent perspectives on the Microfinance industry.

MFIN commissioned NCAER to do a study on, “Assessing the Effectiveness of Small Borrowing in India” in Oct 2010. The study finds that:

  • MFIs serve the most vulnerable sections of society
  • Compared to other sources, a significantly higher percentage of MFI loans are used for productive purposes
  • The effective cost of borrowing from MFIs is comparable to SHGs/Other formal sources,

MFIN-IFC Towers Watson study was commissioned in 2012 to peg the compensation levels in microfinance industry.

MFIN and GIZ collaborated to conduct an online survey of MFIs for the GIZ -Rabobank study of MFIs as Business Correspondents. The results of the survey was released in February 2014.