Microfinance in Asia: A Mosaic

Microfinance in Asia: A Mosaic (Held on: 25th and 26th April, 2017 in New Delhi)

The International Conclave, Microfinance in Asia: A Mosaic is a bespoke event focused solely on Microfinance and innovation, whether through better banking processes, digital innovation or the more ubiquitous telco route. The event was scheduled on 25th and 26th April, 2017 in New Delhi, India and saw a participation of over 400 delegates, 60 speakers along with 27 sponsors & exhibitors.

The Conclave included participation from South Asian and South East Asian countries of Vietnam Myanmar, Phillipines, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Russia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Laos and Pakistan.

The Conclave discussed issues centring on various aspects of microfinance including enablers, players and clients and tries to capture mutually beneficial practices from across the region with the intention of creating synergy and excellence in microfinance.

The Conclave set the stage for a lively and vibrant dialogue among diverse entities across the Asian region with a view to sharing, building and strengthening practice and innovations in this space. The focus was on low cost, high value interventions for vulnerable households. It was an opportunity that observed sharing of ideas and looking at the practical approaches embedding excellence in ongoing processes.

Picture: Collage of MFIN Conclave 2017


MFIN Event film Registration & Inaugural Session

Microfinance in Asia The Big Picture

Plenary Session 1 Part 1 A Mosaic Moderator

Plenary Session 1 Part 2 In continuation Moderator

Plenary Session 2 Technology in Microfinance

Plenary Session 3 Bankers Perspective on Engagement in Microfinance

Plenary Session 4 Governance Structures in Microfinance Moderator

Plenary Session 5 Micro Insurance Models Moderator

Plenary Session 6 Importance of Bottom Up Literacy Interventions

Plenary Session 7 Low Cost Technology Options

Plenary Session 8 Need for 360 degree reporting by Credit Bureaus Moderator

Plenary Session 9 Clean Energy Options for Low Income Households Moderator

Plenary Session 10 Building the Right Perception

Plenary Session 11 The Grand Debate Will We Ever Learn Moderator

Few of the topics covered were:

  • Technology in Microfinance: Are We Geared to Reach the Unbanked and Underbanked
  • Governance Structures in Microfinance
  • Bankers Perspective on Engagement in Microfinance
  • Low Cost Technology Options for Affordable Service Delivery
  • Need for 360-degree reporting by Credit Bureaus
  • Clean Energy Options for Low Income Households
  • Building the Right Perception: Communication in Microfinance
  • Concluding with Grand Debate – Will we Ever Learn