Micrometer Issue 22- FY 17-18

Micrometer Issue 22- FY 17-18.

This is the 22nd issue of the Micrometer and it provides an overview of the Microfinance Industry as of 30th Jun 17. Micrometer has two broad sections as under:

Section I briefly gives an overall portfolio of the microfinance (i .e. micro -credit) industry as of Jun17 with data received from NBFC-MFIs (MFIN members) and and other key lenders under the category of Banks, Small Finance Banks (SFBs), NBFCs, and non-profit MFIs .It may be noted that that all portfolios under Business Correspondent(BC) partnerships is clubbed with Banks’ data and therefore removed from the MFIs’ (NBFC-MFIs as well as non-profit MFIs) portfolio.

Section II like previous issues of the the micrometer provides much detailed data and analysis on NBFC-MFIs (MFIN members) up to state level. This includes a comparative analysis with the corresponding quarter of previous fiscal year (Q 1fy 16 -17 ) and previous quarter (Q 4fy 16 -17 ). Analysis on NBFC-MFIs is based on data collected from 44 members who are registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as NBFC -MFIs.

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