Micrometer Issue 20

The Micrometer Issue 20 data as of 31st Dec 2016

This is the 20th issue of the Micrometer and it provides an overview of the Microfinance Industry as of 31st Dec 2016. Like last time, this issue of the micrometer has two sections as under:

Section I briefly gives overall portfolio of the microfinance industry as of 31st Dec 2016 with data received from NBFC-MFIs (MFIN members) and other key lenders under the category of NBFCs, Banks and non-profit MFIs. It may be noted that portfolio under Business Correspondent (BC) partnerships is included with Banks’ data and therefore removed from the MFIs portfolio.

Section II like previous issues of the micrometer provides much detailed data and analysis on NBFC-MFIs (MFIN members) upto state level. This includes a comparative analysis with the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year (Q3 FY 15-16) and previous quarter (Q2 FY 16-17). Analysis on NBFC-MFIs is based on data collected from 51 members who are registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as NBFC-MFIs.

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