Micrometer Issue – 18

The Micrometer Issue 18 data as of 30th June 2016.

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This is the 18th issue of the Micrometer and just like in the past, it provides an overview of the NBFC-MFI industry*, as of 30th June, 2016 and a comparative analysis with the corresponding quarter of the previous Fiscal Year (Q1 fy 15-16) and previous quarter (Q4 fy 15-16). This analysis is based on data collected from 57 NBFC–MFIs (MFIs)**, all of whom have either received or applied for NBFC-MFI registration from the RBI. As this is the first edition of the current Financial Year (fy 16-17), we take this opportunity to reflect and talk a bit about the emerging supply-side landscape of microfinance in the country.

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